Chamberlain B2C and B2B digital marketing channels needed to optimize support center operations due to high cost and resource constraints. Call center engagements are costly and new technology offerings with NLP (natural language processing) combined with other work being done by my team to optimize support resources provided an opportunity to improve support offerings through the use of chatbot technologies. This was also in-line with company-wide strategies to evolve into a software as a service (SaaS) platform with and ecosystem of IoT offerings, partnerships with Amazon, myQ, automated device operation and diagnostics, and voice input capabilities.

Many opportunities to engage across multiple touch points throughout the user journey. 

The customer lifecycle revealed many insights into where, how and when we could apply a better support experience.

A Phased MVP Release Approach
Knowing the ecosystem helped the team produce a phased approach using a vendor who specialized in incorporating complex ecosystems of platforms, services and content through machine learning automation.

 Transition the chatbot
to Prod from a Proof of Concept

Learn from the launch
of the chatbot and incorporate more use cases, evolve chatbot capabilities​

Incorporate lessons learned
from the contact center technical support team, marketing, as well as incorporating lessons learned from the IVR improvement project​

Support Chat escalations to Live Agents
by further reducing Average Chat Handle Times (AHT)​

Implement Bot improvements
that will enhance the Customer’s experience and overall improve the customer’s interaction with Chamberlain support

Learn when to transfer
the customer to a live Agent Interaction ​ 
Process Flow Analysis Mapping
The team audited the current support experience using existing chatbot technologies in place within the B2B digital marketing ecosystems to understand opportunities.
Market Research
The team identified best-in-class offerings in the marketplace and compared them to current offerings, identifying key design opportunities that would improve the support experience. The biggest opportunity from a front-end experience perspective was offering a "human touch" in the form of a personality, much like Lemonade Insurance has done through their transformation of form inputs and lead generation.

Be There

Introduce Yourself

Provide Help

Build Rapport

Reward Engagement
he team audited the existing experience and feedback.
he team audited the existing experience and feedback.
Using market research, the team addressed the feedback per each stage of the journey identified.
Using market research, the team addressed the feedback per each stage of the journey identified.
Comparing Chamberlain to Lemonade.
Comparing Chamberlain to Lemonade.
Other companies were engaging as a "bot" and on first contact. Some were reflecting customer inputs (like geo-location) with google street view
Other companies were engaging as a "bot" and on first contact. Some were reflecting customer inputs (like geo-location) with google street view
Design & Prototyping
The team produced mockups, spec and prototypes to provide a clear development plan for implementation and presented them in a PowerPoint to the executive committee for approval.
Be There, Introduce Yourself

The existing experience

The improved experience

Provide Help in Smart, Relevant Ways in Context
A big issue identified through analytics and voice of customer feedback was that support content offerings were fragmented and disorienting. This was leading to customers abandoning the support websites and calling the support center directly which increased cost and strained resources.

The existing solution pointed to a key opportunity: linking to landing pages with general information was leading to disorientation and eventually lead to abandonment + increased call center engagements.

The improved experience offered content within the chatbot itself and used NLP to provide relevancy to target the issue at hand without having to leave the website or chatbot itself.

Build Rapport Through Interesting Content
Another opportunity identified was to use a rich legacy of content to build rapport and strengthen personality.

The current experience seemed impersonal and much too "robotic"

In "idle time" offering interesting content without defaulting to NPS ratings ask

Reward Engagement
Rewarding engagement and offering incentives provided a way to validate the effectiveness of the chatbot and change customer behavior, reducing call center engagement per the KPIs established for the project.

The existing experience asked for ratings and reviews as an end point as well as no improvement in terms of access to relevant support information.

The improved experience lead to increased engagements and sales through offering incentives per the customer journey.

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